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Pocket Smalltalk Tutorial

By Andrew Brault
Updated by N. Chamfort (December 9, 2001)
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This tutorial steps you through the development of a simple (one form, one button) application using Pocket Smalltalk. It is assumed you have at least a basic familiarity with Smalltalk, but that is not absolutely required.

In order to follow this tutorial you should have the following components installed:

  • Latest version of Pocket Smalltalk
  • HotSync software (or equivalent) for your PalmPilot, or else a Palm OS Emulator running on your PC
  • The PilRC resource compiler (you can use a different resource compiler as long as it lets you control assignment of resource IDs)
Make sure you have PilRC (pilrc.exe) in your search path. Alternatively, you can simply place it in the Pocket Smalltalk directory and run it from there.

Once you have everything installed, follow these steps to create your first application:

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Last updated: Dec 9, 2001

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