News for Spring 2002

New Pocket Smalltalk Site

Feb 12 , 2002


The Pocket Smalltalk web site update is now complete.


The site now has a new look and contains full, up-to-date status of the Pocket Smalltalk IDE. It includes updated versions of the Pocket Smalltalk tutorials and the FAQ (also in printer-friendly and PDF formats).




N. Chamfort

Pocket Smalltalk Site Update Coming Soon

Dec 05, 2001


The Pocket Smalltalk web site is in the process of being updated and given a new look — your comments requested!


The new site will attempt to capture all the important material found in the previous two sites and bring everything up to date with the current status of Pocket Smalltalk development. The present version of the site is essentially a preview to solicit comments from the PST community. For the moment, the site is intentionally incomplete. Once some feedback is in, the site will be finished and its content filled out.


Meanwhile, please send suggestions and report any omissions or errors (technical, spelling, anything) you notice.

Plan to move Pocket Smalltalk Code Repository to SourceForge

Dec 01, 2001


Joey Gibson has proposed moving the source and distribution for Pocket Smalltalk to SourceForge.


Using SF, PST sources would be accessed and tracked through CVS (software for shared source and version control). This makes it easier to track feature requests, bugs, fixes and then to integrate changes.


The Pocket Smalltalk SourceForge project can be found here:


Additional details forthcoming when 1.6a5 is released next year.

Pocket Smalltalk FAQ Now Available

Nov 06 , 2001


Thierry Reignier has posted a PST FAQ and is soliciting comments (respond to message #1626 on the pocketstug list).



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