• Pocket Smalltalk Related

    Pocket Smalltalk Discussion Forum — Announcement and main discussion site for Pocket Smalltalk.

    Joey's Smalltalk Vault — Joey Gibson's Pocket Smalltalk material.

  • General Smalltalk Sites

    UIUC Wiki — A Wiki for all things Smalltalk.

    Squeak — the most popular free Smalltalk with large community and ports to many platforms.

    Why Smalltalk — an up-to-date resource on the language and community.

    Good Start — cool site from Monty Kamath with tons of info on Smalltalk.

    Think Tank Inc — useful information, including a graphical resource editor for the Pocket Smalltalk IDE.

    Object-Arts — Commercial vendor of Dolphin Smalltalk™.

    Cincom Smalltalk — Commercial vendor of VisualWorks™ and ObjectStudio™ environments.


Last updated: Feb 17, 2002

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