Getting Started
So how do I begin?


  Download and install the Pocket Smalltalk IDE and Palm Developer Tools.
  Follow a Tutorial to build your first application. Read the Documentation to learn about the IDE.
  Join the Pocket Smalltalk User's Group to meet the community and get answers to your questions.



Where can I find Pocket Smalltalk demo applications and source code?

Visit the downloads page for applications.


Where can I learn more about Palm development?

Visit the Palm Developer's connection here.

For using all features of the PalmOS, the Palm OS Companion and Reference guides provide an overview and complete API reference.

Search or browse the Palm Developer's Knowledge Base. Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions, sample code, white papers and most of the development documentation on-line.


Where can I learn more about the Smalltalk language and object-oriented programming?

Start from our links page.


Last updated: Dec 4, 2001

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