Downloads > PST v1.6 Alpha 4
  • Description:

    Version 1.6a4 of the PST IDE includes a setup program to install the Pocket Smalltalk development environment under Windows. The setup program creates the PST IDE, VMs, a full project for the Demo application, sources for the IDE and VM, and a version history. A separate file includes a patch to correct a loading problem in the IDE.


  • Download:

    PST IDE 1.6a4 Setup.exe (21-May-2001 01:51 — 2.7MBytes). Complete distribution.

    PST UI-Dolphin.pac (21-May-2001 12:45 — 327kb). Replacement for a file in the IDE source, fixes a loading problem.

    PST 1.6a4 Readme.txt (21-May-2001 10:27 — 1k).


  • Tools Required:

    You will need PilRC to build resource files.


  • Source Distribution:

    IDE and VM sources are included in the main distribution


Last updated: Dec 7, 2001

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