Downloads > PST v1.5 beta IDE
  • Description:

    Version 1.5b of the PST IDE includes a Dolphin Smalltalk runtime distribution containing the Pocket Smalltalk development environment. It also includes updated documentation, a tutorial and a complete class reference. This version now works in the PalmOS Emulator version 2.1, and eliminates the need for the build-prc utility and cygwin.dll.


  • Download:

    PST IDE 1.5b (1.2MBytes Zip). Make sure you unzip this package with an extractor that supports long filenames, such as WinZip.


  • Tools Required:

    You will need PilRC to build resource files.


  • Source Distribution:

    PST 1.5b VM source (36kb Zip). Requires the PalmOS port of GCC (C compiler). You only need this if you want to modify the VM or add new primitives.

    PST 1.5b IDE source (111kb Zip). Requires Dolphin Smalltalk version 2.1. You only need this if you only want to modify the development environment — not necessary to build Palm applications.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2002

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