Downloads > PST v0.8 for Nokia 9110 Communicator
  • Description:

    Version 0.8b of the PST environment for the Nokia 9110 includes an extended Smalltalk class library (support for GEOS/Communicator UI), source distribution for the IDE and VM, documentation, a tutorial, and files needed for developing Nokia 9110 applications. Note: the Dolphin Smalltalk runtime distribution is not included.

    Full release notes are available in Petr Novak's README.



  • Tools Required:

    You will need PilRC to build resource files.

    Nokia 9110 SDK (note: this link appears to be out of date).


  • Source Distribution:

    IDE and VM sources are included in the main distribution.


  • Contact:

    Contact Petr Novak for additional details.


Last updated: Dec 7, 2001

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