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Pocket Smalltalk User's Guide

By Andrew Brault
Updated by N. Chamfort (December 9, 2001)
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This brief guide gives an overview of using Pocket Smalltalk to write applications for Palm platform handheld computers.

To use this guide effectively you should be familiar with the Smalltalk programming language, but a brief introduction to Smalltalk is included for beginners.



1. Introduction

2. About Smalltalk

3. What Makes Pocket Smalltalk Different

4. Interfacing with the PalmOS

5. Floating-Point Support

6. Constants


Last updated: Dec 9, 2001

Palm Powered is a trademark of Palm Inc. Pocket Smalltalk is trademark of Pocket Smalltalk Group. Copyright (c) 1998 - 2001 Pocket Smalltalk Group.