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  • Founders

...without whom none of this cool stuff would exist:

Andrew Brault is the original founder of Pocket Smalltalk. He did all of the original work to get 1.5 Beta running. He also published his original site.

Eric Arseneau has been trying to get the word out on Pocket Smalltalk and making many promises to move it forward. After a year of procrastination, he's finally delivered on some of his promises. As a result, a series of updates to the web site, as well as the new 2.0 Alpha release of PST.

  • Contributors

Many people have contributed to the development of Pocket Smalltalk. Among them:

Joey Gibson — new tutorial and numerous other contributions.

Ted Bracht — many improvements to the virtual image.

Ben Hultink — improvement to VM and packages (database, table).

Thierry Reignier — PST FAQ.

Nicholas Chamfort — Web site.

Last updated: Feb 17, 2002

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