Pocket Smalltalk™ IDE is a free open source programming environment that lets developers write Smalltalk applications for Palm Powered™ handhelds, and other small devices.


Pocket Smalltalk consists of an integrated development environment (IDE) which runs on a variety of platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, OS/2, others). It includes a cross-compiler that can generate PalmOS "executable" (.PRC) files from Smalltalk source code.


Pocket Smalltalk makes it easy to do object-oriented development for Palm Powered handhelds. You have the full power of Smalltalk along with a complete class library. Best of all, Pocket Smalltalk creates small, standalone applications — no runtime libraries are required.


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Latest News

Feb 12 , 02 - New Pocket Smalltalk Site Complete

The Pocket Smalltalk web site update is now complete! Details...

Dec 05, 01 - New Site

The Pocket Smalltalk web site is in the process of being updated and given a new look — your comments requested! Details...

Dec 01, 01 - Move to SourceForge in planning stage

Proposal to move the Pocket Smalltalk code respository to SourceForge. More...

Nov 06, 01 - Pocket Smalltalk FAQ now available

Thierry Reignier's FAQ for 1.6a4. More...

Sep 23, 01 - WinCE port of Pocket Smalltalk underway

Stefan Matthias Aust reports progress.

Apr 28, 01 - Pocket Smalltalk 1.6 Alpha

Release of 1.6 is actively being worked on, with alpha testing of version 1.6a4 occurring now.

Apr 10, 01 - Smalltalk Solutions 2001

"Introduction to The Palm Economy, Palm™ OS and Pocket Smalltalk" Tutorial given at Smalltalk Solutions 2001, in Chicago.  More...

Last updated: Feb 11, 2002

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